Surprises and Embraces

When Alex and I had only been dating a few weeks we went off to an exhibition where an artist couple were selling their paintings and prints to raise money for their organisation "Urban Neighbours of Hope". I fell in love with a series of etch prints and found it so hard to decide which one I would buy (I only had the money for one), Alex too chanced upon these prints and decided to buy one - the other one - I had my eye on. At the time I wasn't the least bit worried or envious, after all this handsome artist friend* of mine had good taste, and... I did have this little thought; they will hang together one day.
I didn't say it out loud,
I just thought it.
Somehow, I just knew it.
A couple of days ago Alex said he had a surprise for me and handed me a bag; inside I found our two prints wrapped up; he had made frames for them with his own two hands. I could go on about how beautiful his joins are (!) but I'll keep it at telling you what a beautiful surprise they were.
And how joyful I am,
and secretly smug,
knowing they will indeed hang together.