Sailing the seas: the invites

Something else that has been occupying mine (and Alex's) time of late has been our nuptial invites. We decided we wanted to do a collaborated illustration for them - and while it started like this - we ended up choosing our second attempt.

It was strange for me to work in black ink-tipped pens but I soon found myself curling waves and shading leaves with joy. Mostly though, I just thought about what an honour it was to be creating beside such a handsome and talented man. And he really is. How awesome is his ship! And those gusts of wind! We wrote a little story to go with it; and I hope to put it up on here in the next little while.

In the meantime here's some elements of our invites I love:
Having them printed on a selection of soft and musky hues, and pairing fronts and and backs in into a random assortment.
The leaf cutter we used for details on corners and envelopes - and that Alex had employ his muscle power with because it was so stiff on cardboard! I think the leaves add something so special... They speak of our shared love of trees and of our reception which will be outdoors surrounded by them.
The envelopes we bought in recycled paper in three different brown shades, and using nib and blue ink to personalise and address each one. It really felt like I was inviting each person solemnly and lovingly from my heart.

More than anything I love that these are invites to our wedding. That my name appears next to his. That we have been able to design and put them together ourselves, and that in nearly two months I will be able to wake up beside my husband.

So to those near and far -
expect something brown and inky in your mailbox soon!