Living Light

Tonight, this Christ-birth eve, I have been reflecting on Harald Wynham's Christmas Sonnets, this one held me longest:

Oh dark, dark, dark, dark and dark
is this poor, broken world tonight.
The threat of holocaust holds us by the throat,
and terror roams our streets with random bombs.
The prisoners of power enslave the poor,
and money and illusion rule the rest.

Now - from the Living God - a Living Word!
Love! Love! Love! Love and Love!

Jesus Christ is born! He is alive!
He lives in all who turn to Him in need.
Beyond all doctrines and beyond dispute,
beyond the prison bars of mind and heart,
His all-forgiving love, made flesh tonight,

is Light - pure Light - unquenchable - Living Light!

Lino-print by Linda Wolfe, The Christmas Sonnets, 1996

Listening to my favourite carol. Smelling sweat and cinnamon and pine. Writing a Christmas letter to my groom. Feeling the heat, the breeze's calm relief, joy and jubilation - to be here, to be alive, to know so much love, to know that the greastest gift is not from man or machine or mine.

Bless you and yours,