Adventuring South

I have to say... things are busy at the moment, ridiculously busy. And while we can't avoiding things to we have to do, we can consciously try to slow down and take time out. For general happiness and well being! Which is why Alex and I decided to drop everything for a day and go on an adventure together. I haven't had such an enjoyable day... weekend in months!

We decided to have a picnic in little town called Berry (which is about 2 hrs drive from Sydney CBD), followed by a visit to Kangaroo Valley - easily one of my favourite places in the world.

I took this photo from the side of the road. It is my favourite strip of coast.
To see the ocean that touches our big great land.
So vast.
So blue.

And looking around to see my love picking me wild flowers by the bitumen.

Oh, for all the cloud-smudged sky and lush paddocks,

Oh for the beautiful leafy park we chanced upon in Berry to lay out our rugs and picnic of soup, chicken sandwiches and chocolate + orange brownies,
Picnics; how I love thee
under the sky and shade of trees
with the best of company.

And oh for the old fences we leaned on,
and gleaned on vegetable gardens and paddocks.
One day love, we will have a garden as beautiful and ramshackle as that.

And oh for the discoveries! On the windy drive to Kangaroo valley I promised Alex I would take him to the self-service fridge of homemade fudge by the side of the road. Yes you heard me: SELF SERVICE fudge by the side of the road! They have a box down the bottom for you to put the money in... I love the honesty of it.

, we came home with a lot of sugary booty. And handmade wooden Christmas gifts. And a huge branch of blue hydrangeas. And copious bottles of water. And so many good memories of sky and deep conversation.

Day-trip adventures. I highly recommend them.