Food for thought

Lets talk about food cravings. Or just food in general... As many of you would have picked up about me on this blog I like to prepare food and I like to eat it. A lot.

I always find it so fascinating to hear and read about the particular things that people crave to eat and the way they eat them; does it reveal our innermost truths? does it change depending on where we live? or the foods we grew up on? does it change with the seasons? or with our hormones? why do we crave food that isn't good for us and vice versa?

Its quite astounding when you think of how varied edibles are in the world - and how many different ways one single thing can be prepared and eaten. I know that my body responds best to fresh, unprocessed foods - and because I have a slow liver I've become more conscious of what I'm taking in. The other great thing about fresh whole food is that you actually get to prepare it. My rule of thumb as a lover of good food (and as an artist) is to eat lots of different colours in fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and spices.

Yes. Our eating habits and our personal tastes are strange and unpredictable things.
For example, here is a list of things I regularly crave to eat:
-rolled oats (or oatmeal as some of you called it)
-plain unsweetened yoghurt
-fresh berries
-saffron-infused rice
-dark bittersweet chocolate
-ruby grapefruits
-avocados (with a spoon)
-freshly baked gingerbread
-olives of all kinds
And a list of things I am HUGELY craving at this very moment:
-dried fermented olives
-seaweed powder tea
-tapioca pudding
-peal or "bubble" tea (mostly for the tapioca pearls)
-stewed rhubarb

(eaten today for second breakfast)

The strangest thing I've craved to eat, aside from dried fermented olives, would have to be raw cabbage leaves on linseed bread when I was 10 years old. To everyones disappointment that desire only lasted 3 minutes of one school lunch break - got half way through my sandwich and decided I'd rather be eating soggy vegemite and cheese (which I guess for all non-Australians vegetmite has to be a pretty insane food to crave but it is SO good)
And if I could be any food for a day I would be - either a bowl of green sicilian olives, a warm quince tarte tatin, chewy ginger cookies, or a cold spanikopita...

My questions for you are:
1. What do our food cravings say about us?
2. What do you regularly crave to eat?
3. What about at this VERY moment?
4. What's the strangest food you've craved?
5. If you could be any food for a day what would it be?

Happy Friday to you!
I'm off to eat some dried fermented olives...