A Colourful Journey

My mama's dear friend Wendy (that she's had since highschool!) is living in Nepal with the Summunat project to help empower local women through art and handcrafts. Wendy is an artist with a special love of polymer clay and has been teaching her skills to the women in her community.You can visit their website here.
She and her husband are home for a visit so mum and I helped put on a morning tea to showcase some of the lovely jewellery and fashion items made by the women.
I wore my beloved Indian applique blouse and made piklets with ricotta and rhubarb and mint tea.

There were scarves, clay ornaments and kitchen wear, as wells as necklaces, rings, earrings and my favourite; beaded necklaces with a clay pendant woman! Just lovely.

I bought quite a few things to store up for the festive season; including a beautiful beautiful turquoise necklace made by Wendy - that looks like candy and tentacles and sea anemones. And a sea green scarf for summertime. You can buy their beautiful things online; and all the profits go back to the women.

I'm telling you arts and crafts can change the world...