A Beautiful Confusion

Today: at approximately 3.33pm,
when I was resting on the patio in the sunshine
this little guy landed on my textbook.
(It took my mind of feeling a bit ordinary
and having an assignment to finish)

He sat very still for about 10 minutes,
and I tried very hard not to make any sudden movements...
Then in his own soft time,
fluttered up to the window sill.
I raced inside for my camera,
hoping he hadn't moved
(though thinking he probably had)
but returned to find he was still there -
waiting patiently.

I tried to usher him back out into the garden
but he flew onto my hand
and wouldn't budge -
I was careful not to touch his wings,
and stood breathless, in amazement...

And then as the breeze came
he danced up my arm -
before flying into the trees