Wisteria Love

A story
(short but sweet)
I was on my rusty bicycle
called the "Ladybird 3"
it was a Saturday afternoon,
around 4 o'clock
and something faint
something sweet
whistled in the breeze.

Looking round
I saw you,
trying your best to engulf
a rickety fence.
You were beautiful,
purple and viney -
I wanted to set up a little studio
under your blossoming arms.

time didn't permit it -
so I did my best
to breathe you in,
feel your petals on my fingertips.

Closed my eyes
and imagined the fence I'll have one day -
that you might come to visit every Spring
in showers of yellow-centred lilac,
that my babes and I will
construct a "studio" under
and sing and sing and sing