An ode to Alex, the birthday boy

I try to find 
words to describe you.

I want to speak
of tall trees,
distant stars
and tingling in my toes.

I want to sing
the songs
of our adventures
of waves crashing 
against shoreline,
and setting sun.

I want to rejoice
in your deep convictions,
your faith
that so many admire -
in the beautiful art you create,
the work of your hands.

I smile falling asleep
and upon waking -
remembering you,
your smile,
handsome eyes -
Soft words.

Knowing that you dream
my dreams too.

Do you know
that you bring out the best in me?
that you love me,
unreservedly -
in a way I have never felt before.

I want to shout
from a rooftop,
or carve in wet cement -
your name,
what you mean to me
and to all who know you,

I know
that the boxes and the turtles and the rooftops and the trees and the open road and the distant stars
will all come in time,

That this is will do for now.

An ode to you, 
For I have only just begun
to find the words...