Moomin fabric and some wardrobe refashion

I've had a sudden rush of enthusiasm to get sewing of late... it may have something to do with this Moomin fabric arriving in the mail all the way from Finland (eeek! check out those Moomin postal stamps!)

How I wish to one day visit the land of the Moomins... In case you missed my last rant about Moomins; they are lovable characters from the extremely talented author and illustrator; Tove Jansson.

I've also felt inspired to do some sewing from vintage patterns. I've been collecting 50s and 60s patterns for some time now; I love the shape and style and sizes; they really don't make patterns like they used to these days! And as the weather steadily gets warmer (with a 29'c day earlier this week!) so does the need for light cotton dresses and blouses and skirts. I've cut the pattern out for one of the dresses on the right and am hoping to sew it up over the weekend.
Meanwhile I've finally gotten around to a bit of wardrobe refashion. I have a whole basket full of old clothes waiting to be re-purposed and revamped. This beautiful beautiful hand-embroidered linen dress was one of them - I loved everything about it except that the top half sat strangely and had some staining on one of the shoulders. I considered just bringing it in but then thought I'd get a lot more use out of it as a skirt.
To do this I (carefully) cut the dress in two - made a simple seam at the top (pressed and sewed 1/4 from the top - then folded it over and sewed a further 1 inch) leaving an opening at the back - I then threaded through a band of elastic; and because the linen is quite heavy the skirt falls beautifully without need of darts or taking it in.
And the before and after:
Mmm I've decided this is my new favourite skirt. I think I'll wear it all weekend... and boy do I love turquoise shoes...