Dust for a change

Do you ever have days that seem a bit surreal?
Like waking up in orange light
because your city has experienced a dust storm,
and tonnes of red earth have travelled from faraway farms to
windscreens, plants, and ground.

Where for two hours in the middle of day
your blood is pounding in your ears,
as you sit, waiting to read literature in a foreign language
to an entire classroom of students who seem so much more fluent and relaxed.

And dust hangs around in your throat.
That on walking home, in relief and exhaustion,
you see the sun and blue sky
and welcome fresh breeze...

And something so simple as avocado and hummus on rice crackers, and a yoghurt lassi made with handpicked mulberries and garden mint - makes you want to break out in a great big smile and dance, as you suddenly remember that everything is extraordinarily good.
Like spotting a burst of fuchsia pink in the trees,
and then slipping out the back doors onto the lane way
expecting to see a little bit more, and finding A LOT
And you can sit down and finally pick up sewing projects
that have been piled clumsily (and high) in the corner of the room,
When you realise that life -
just when you think you've worked it all out -
changes under your feet.

And however baffling and surreal it first seems,
sometimes thats exactly what we need.