Swapping Alphabet Style

Tis that time again!

What is an alphabet swap you ask? Well it is quite literally a "swap" centred on letters of the alphabet. Partners are randomly selected and are given the same letter of the alphabet; they get one month to put together a box of little things related to that letter before posting them off to each other. If last years swap is anything to go off then this one will be just as fun!

There is no need to get too extravagant or spend more than $20 - but be as creative and inventive as you like; you could include craft supplies and notions, fabric, little treasures, foodstuff, patterns, recipes, postcards, photographs, poetry etc... I believe one person received a library book in his swap package that had to be read and sent back (overseas) before its due date! Fabulous.

An example for the letter B:
(from last year's swap)

From me:

And lovely Umber:

If you would like to take part in this year's swap email me at: eburtt@gmail.com with your name, address, blog/website if you have one, and if you'd be happy to swap internationally.

I will announce the alphabet swappers on Saturday October 3rd ~ So you have exactly ONE week to sign up! Tell your friends too.