To Market To Market

Yesterday's market was a hoot! It turned out beautifully... though we really had to brave the cold and wet grass in the morning! It was small and quaint and I think the best part was chatting to locals... We've decided to make it a monthly venture too; and hold markets with a creative arts focus. Apparently we were a lot more interesting than the fete the Presbyterian church put on the corner but I'm not going to make any comparisons!

This was our little space
And some of the wares:
Including my own:
All up we raised just over $300 for the Creative Arts Centre and that was with minimal publicity and the like. Thank you to everyone who stopped by; it was encouraging to see so many familiar faces in the mix. I'm feeling really excited about the market next month (August 22/29th); and it looks like I may take on a more regular market organising role too...
Ah yes, and holding this little one was a real treat too.