A Warming Lunch

For lunch I had home-made baked beans with the kidney and cannellini variety; also a little tomato, finely sliced capsicum, onions, bacon, mustard, treacle and bay leaves. It was simple to make, delicious and perfect for a cold and wet day like today.

I am going through a bagel-craze at the moment - its that they're so chewy, yet soft, and have a hole in the middle - this soy and linseed variety baked fresh at the local super market is especially delicious. But I can't go past blueberry bagels - they are my absolute favourite - I like them well toasted with a drizzle of honey, no butter, no ricotta...
just honey,
and a cup of tea,
and a cosy place to sit,
with a book (for the optimum experience)

I've decided to try my hand at making some in the next few days; I have a feeling they will resemble anything BUT bagels...

May your Wednesday be cosy and comforting
Love the Bean n Bagel Lady