Monday Finds

I have been having such a lovely few days. My beautiful friend Alice has been staying with me for the weekend. And today we ventured on a promised King Street trawl in our best red clothes... We moved in and out of shops and parks and stumbled on so many unexpected, brilliant things;
electric guitar playing clowns,
forgotten plastic mammoths,
ancient tree trunks,
dappled light,
yellow wild flowers,
disgarded nests,
red blooming trees,
and of course the best soy chai in Sydney **Well spotted, it is from Corelli's**
(which is not a new find but is always worth reaffirming)

It is wonderful to have such a beautiful and obliging model in Alice. Who will humour me with all my photo and tree climbing antics and late-night metaphysical rants... Yes. If I wasn't already totally and completely smitten with this intelligent, contemplative, piano-playing, scrabble/tea/book/baking/craft enthusiast 14-year-old girl I am even more so now. She is such a treasure and I feel so blessed to be her friend.