A Little Pick Me Up

Because sometimes you really need them

I woke up a bit out of sorts this morning. I felt tired and headachey. I felt hot and fussy. I found myself getting overwhelmed at how much I need to get done today. Phone calls. A market to organise. Bags to sew. I found myself getting overwhelmed by the near future. Balancing all that I want to do with all that I can do. About university starting next week. Serious amounts of Arabic to catch up on. Emails to reply to. Then I starting thinking about how disorganised my life was looking, and my working desk in particular, then I felt my headache kick in a little more and decided to jump back into my unmade bed, pull the sheets over my head and dream about something a little more pleasant, a little less pressing...

I know I'm a person who every once in a while becomes overwhelmed in a debilitating way and I have always felt irritated and ashamed of it. But I've come to realise that there are simple ways I can remedy it - one thing I like doing is getting a GIANT white piece of paper and making a haphazard mind map of all the things I have swimming around in my head. It is good to get them all out and implement a new perspective. A little pick me up is good too - a short moment to soothe the self before the first thing is dealt with.

I decided my pick me up would include some of my favourite things:
The smokiness of Russian Caravan tea
The the tart sweetness of Swedish jam
and softness of ricotta cheese
the silkiness of Kitten's fur
when she rubs up against the clothes basket
The morning sun through the ferns
and the warm prickle on my toes

And here I am now. Feeling calmed and so much much less whelmed then I was before. I'm drinking a tall glass of water and I've already made a few phone calls. My headache is clearing and I'm actually smiling at how ridiculously worked up I was in bed with the covers over my head.