Heavenly Father

Your creation
is magnificent.
I sit

with the breeze
in my hair,
listening to
the deep bush,
bird calls,
and your gentle Spirit
coming softly
with the wind -
The clouds above
move about the earth,
each day new
each day different.
I breathe in Your beauty,
the fresh air in my mouth,
my nose and lungs.
I imagine filling
my whole body
with Your light.

Bathing in Your
loving gaze,
shaded in Your great tree
and loving arms
wrapped round me.
I close my eyes
and open them to a new dawn -
I know
all my blessings
come from You.
You are all good
in my life passed
and life to come.
Hold me Father,
and beloved Son
let me rest awhile -
You are the arms
I have longed my life to feel -
Show me Your heart
that I may know mine.