For the Love of Cream

Alas, Alice left for home today but I still have memories fresh in my mind's eye of all our adventures. Something about cream coloured clothes really suiting us brown eyed girls I think... On our Monday excursion Alice found this beautiful soft cotton blouse with buttons and wee lace edging in white:
And this marvellous wrap skirt in floral patterned silk:

As for me I fell in love with a 1960s hand beaded cardigan at my favourite little vintage shop. It is absolutely beautiful and warm - apparently my mum found herself a vintage beaded cardigan when she was 20 so it must be an age thing...
However it is also a little symbolic because it is the last clothes purchase I intend to make for the year. I'm a little ashamed to say that was a new years resolution I have not been able to stick to, and as I know I've got plenty of lovely things to wear, and there are many more pressing needs in the world, I'm drawing the line here. I am a making a public pledge to you all... Trying to be as disciplined as I can; and am now accountable to you all. As of Tuesday July 21st there will be NO purchasing of new clothes (or second-hand clothes, or HANDMADE clothes) of any sort, or shoes, or even adornments in the way of earrings or scarves for the rest of the year. **Note this aim has now changed to the year 2010!**
And anyway,
I've decided Kitten is definitely the most underused accessory at the moment.