Wherein the Blue Girl goes green

For all my efforts at being a bowerbird and collecting up blue things I've been thrifting and seeing a lot of GREEN lately. I never thought myself a particularly green girl (love of trees aside) but I'm really starting to come around... Here's my green stash of late:
1. Thrifted: second hand canisters straight from the 70s

1. Thrifted: a set of four tulip glasses
3. Thrifted: one beautifully embroidered green linen cloth
4. Bought: my "nessie" salt n' pepper shakers from loch-country, Scotland back in 2007. They are a wee bit twee but I love them entirely. And it made up for the fact that I did NOT see a monster (in the water at any rate).
5. Given: this delicate caltonware jug from my Grandma for my birthday this year

6. Watching: green split peas soaking for soup; my least favourite soup but the peas are a brilliant colour
7. Reading: nostalgic green picture books - "Cricktor" about the friendliest and most industrious Parisian snake around - Ah, he holds such a special place in my heart... And Quentin Blake's "The Dancing Frog" about, well, a frog that dances for a living!

8. Gathering: Household greenery (from the garden) held in old spice jars
9. Wearing: A plastic umbrella brooch
10. Preparing: spinach and ricotta cannelloni for dinner

Tell me, tell me -what beloved green have you?