How much is that doggy in the window?

Saturday June 27th, 12.35pm

I know its been a bit quiet around here,
I've been sporadic with posts -
but can I tell you I had my last exam on Thursday,
and though it could have been better it is done -
I got unexpectedly laid off from my job yesterday
at the little paper shop -
(due to financial constraints)
And I've also got four and bit weeks off for my winter break,
So I've got a LOT of free time banking up...

That means:
-crafting like mad
-baking daily
-polaroid taking
-finishing my quilt
-writing letters
-sketching new scenes
-going on day trips
-reading and reading and reading
-and of course, lots and lots of posting on here.

But for now here are some of my favourite things at the moment:

1. Wearing Foxy
2. Impromptu tree climbing at night
3. Everything about a certain Alex

4. Sewing new yoga bags for the shop
5. Drinking warm milk Turkish style with honey and rose water
6. Reading Resurrection by Tolstoy, and the book of Micah
7. Writing on foggy windows in the morning
8. Watching (and giggling) at John Safran's "Music Jamboree".
9. Listening to Bowerbirds "Hymns for a dark horse"

10. This plate - and imagining it full of fresh hummus and raw vegetables.

How about you?