This will come of no surprise

Everyday pampering: A fresh pot of loose leaf tea and a moment to stop and be.

My current favourites:

*Rooibos (red tea, dried raspberries)
*French earl grey (black tea, hibiscus, rose petal, sunflower blossoms, bergamot)
*Plum blossom (green tea leaves hand-bound with string)

hot and steaming, cool and iced, lukewarm (having been momentarily forgotten), white, brown, black with a squeeze of lemon, a drizzle of honey, a splash of milk, a sprig of mint, a hint of sorrow, a smile of joy, with marmalade toast, a slice of cake, a gingersnap, a handful of almonds, a peeled mandarin, with a loving mum, beside colourful strangers, in a kitchen, on the front step, in a thermace on a ferry...

Oh the possibilities of having tea -

How about you?