This morning, today and forever

What feeds my soul today: Yoga in the morning sunshine

Yoga is something I try to do everyday,
but not so often in the morning -
(with all the lateness and rushing around)
Which is disappointing because I really think morning is the best time of day.

Yoga is deeply personal. To me it is about reconnecting with the body, breath, soul and the earth through meditation and practice.
Taking time to remember how beautifully made we are,
how much we push our bodies in the day,
and how seldom we slow down to breathe and be thankful.

I prefer practicing in the morning because I tend to be more thoughtful and gentle with myself. A slow waking up and replenishing...

And I like to start my day with a Celtic prayer,

May the light of God
illumine the heart of my soul
May the flame of Christ
kindle me to love

May the fire of the Spirit
free me to live
this morning, today and forever