Song to Autumn

Before you're gone for another year;
You have been so many things,
You have been brilliant.
You are the harvest pause
between summer bright,
and cool winter dark.
Soft and quiet at first,
You have flamed up
with passion,
golden and untamable.
I never expected what you would bring -
great joy,
grief beyond words,
and new dreams.
You have seen me grow older,
and I have watched you
like a wide-eyed child
with amazement.
Each day different,
I turned over a new leaf with you -
I have begun a new life,
with stars in my eyes,
a strong beat in my heart.
I will ride towards the horizon,
I will race the setting sun
to drink in the last of you.
And wait patiently for next fall -
Autumn -
You are my favourite.