A confession of sorts

I like to keep all the things I find in second hand and library books.

Be they little hand-scrawled notes, pressed flowers, magazine cutouts, drawerings, photos, even film negatives. It all started quite innocently some years ago at Gould's Bookshop (has near a million second hand books and certainly the most exapansive range of Soviet books I know!) where I bought a book of poetry that had this giant leaf in it. I felt a sudden sense of excitment and joy to be reading a book someone else had obviously loved - loved enough to use a leaf as a boomark! I also get a thrill in reading people's pencils marks/notes/philosophical musings in library books and although I would never write directly onto a book I try to "anonymously" slip my own little things in borrowed books every now and again - a one-line poem or a strange quote...

Here are some of my favourite finds:

(Found: Tennyson "EarlyPoems")

(Found: Handmade Galore: Fun projects for Kids)
(Found: The First Australians - 1958 comic book)

I have this great romantic notion of how we could all converse through the things we leave and find in books...
(Found: Nawal Sadaawi's "The Circling Song")

Its got to the point where I sift through books in second hand shops and only buy the ones with things left inside. Thats not too weird is it? My most recent find was in a child's battered piano book - little watercolours by a Miss "J. Hon"

Thank you Miss "J. Hon" you've made my week!