Will you let me come to you today -
without photographs,
without any doings,
except my grief.
Three years or more of my life,
in a relationship giving all I had to give
(and more)
and I am so tired,
I am so exhausted and spent.
I gave an ocean,
and I am lost in its waves.
The inevitability of the end never makes it easier,
do not listen if they tell you that.
Just when I think I have nothing left to cry -
I surprise myself with fresh tears.
He was a different boy to the man he is now,
and I am no longer that girl.
We have grown up;
and are leading two different lives,
that would meet,
oh so seldom
it would make the heart quiver.
Our hearts knew it wasn't working anymore,
but I kept pushing,
kept staring into the sun.
I feel lost.
But I know I am right where I am supposed to be,
I am just peeking over a new horizon.

Let me stay still awhile,
curl up and cry for the memories...
And hope that one day in the future -
I can pick up my skirts and dance.