This Week

1. I have done a lot of crying
2. I made my very first pair of crocheted shoes. They are made of soft merino wool and are so snug on cool autumn mornings.
3. I have received some beautiful mail: Mexican skulls and Frida Khalo fabric, a letter and photos from Perth, a loving card from a faraway friend and kindred (who will be getting a reply in her mailbox soon), and this afternoon a delicate package containing white rose earrings and a green plastic umbrella pin.
4. I finished an essay one day early ( always an incredible feat for me) -it was on the consequences of urban life on the individual in C. P. Cavafy's poetry...
5. I have been watching old seasons of Daria and the new season of Flight of the Concords - both marvellously witty shows that make you laugh out loud.
6. I have been preparing for an exhibtion I'll be appearing in from May 8th; I can tell you it is Babushka themed and I have been making prints, fabric goods, and painting clay for it!
7. I am excited about this weekend. I will be going to a marvellous little town to stay with my dear friend Sarah and her family - to peruse their new shop and take part in the annunal Pumpkin festival (including a masked pumpkin ball)
8. I am slowly healing. Hugs, babushkas and dark chocolate are all helping...
9. Glimpses of your lives, thoughts, confessions, loves fills me with endless hope and inspiration.
10. I have started reading The Brothers Karamazov