A bit of this and that

Oh the woes illustrating on the move! Feeling inspired on the train or babysitting, or inbetween lectures, or outside on the grass... I am forever loosing pens; I am forever getting blue ink marks all over my clothes on the inside (and outside) of bags. That's when I thought of making a cotton pen roll:
This is something I have meaning to do for a while; especially having spotted so many inspiring ones in the last few months:
I desired something very bright and very blue. Initially I just thought I'd put biros in it but I ended up making room for a felt tip, led pencils, fine brushes, a rubber, sticky notes, safety pins, needles and a little thread! You never know what you might need on hand... And its just so light and super easy to roll up:

I attatched a bit of crocheted lace for a tie:

And there you have it; my beautiful (and practical) pen roll; which will make life illustrating on the move so much easier!

Before (in the process) and After

My second little DIY project has been restoring a battered bookcase in my room. Though the original wood was a lovely dark colour; it was so full of scratches and dents and stains I thought rather than go through the process of sanding and re-staining I would just give it a bright new lease on life. It also coincided with Mum and my project of restoring a pine kitchen-dresser (expect the full story soon!) which meant left over primer and paint!