I apologise for being so quiet lately. Its been a busy week getting back into university and organising my Grandma's 85th birthday party which we had yesterday. My mother put so much effort into making it a special occasion; pulling out her old teacups and saucers, old photographs, not to mention making our house and backyard look dazzling.
It was a bright and sunny autumn's day. And it really was a lovely party; eating delicious fresh food, meeting faraway and distant relatives, having lots of good conversation, and lots of bad Uncle jokes (something that seems to run relentlessly in the family)
There is no doubt that my grandma is a fine and unique woman - her talents and interests are numerous - among other things she is the mother of 8 children - grandmother to 19 - great-grandmother to 2 - a prolific reader - poet - connoisseur of tea, marzipan and news media. She has lived through wars, the great depression, made her home in city and country, gone to university, worked as a teacher, travelled overseas...

Her health has declined rapidly in the last few months. And because of her increased level of care she had moved from our house to a local nursing home (which is only just up the road), and yet I find myself missing her quirks and idiosyncrasies; her endless inquires as to our movements and whereabouts throughout the day, her spontaneous bursts into song, and of course; her unstoppable and generous knowledge about life and everything in it.

So my dear Grandma,
Happy Birthday to you!