Hair, Fabric and Felt

Hair. Fabric. Felt. All useful, all adaptable, all furry?

Hair (belonging to me):
I decided it was time for a change - something shorter, lighter - I went into my beloved hairdresser and said something along the lines of "I'm wanting a change, something shorter, kinda 1920s bobbish - but shorter at the back and longer at the front" and provided a really really embarrassingly bad sketch. And oh did my hairdresser not only understand my waffle but delivered exactly what I had envisioned. She's the best (and rides a green motorcycle). I'm really enjoying swishing my hair around; I can't wait to see it after a wash (unblowdried) where the curls will really set in... its kinda nice having the back of my hair off my shoulders too.

Fabric (that just arrived in the mail)

Oh boy oh boy I love reprodepot with all my heart. You find such treasures... like this beautiful blossom cotton. It is even nicer in person than I had first thought in pictures. It is becoming a skirt without doubt - only now I need to stop wearing it around over my pajamas. Its a serious problem of mine whenever I buy fabric; the unexplainable need to wear it around to get "the feel of it"

Felt (in anticipation for Saturday)
In scouting around for decoration ideas for my autumn party I got the idea of leaf-like garlands I could hand along doorways and around tables etc... and sure enough upon searching etsy I found a bright and lovely garland by Miesmama - which is in the top photo. It was the only one in her shop so I bought it - and then set about making a series of them by myself; Its very simple and such a glorious way to add colour. I've had all sorts of ideas for headpieces and brooches now - you name it autumnal felt - I've got it.
Wishing you a bright Tuesday
Over and out
from the (shorter-haired) felt lady