As we speak Australia is experiencing the worst bush fires in its history; in the state of Victoria fires have consumed 330,000 acres of land and 750 houses. 131 people have been killed and there are many others critically injured. The fires swept unmercifully, at unprecedented speeds, through beautiful protected rainforest, countryside and townships. I cannot begin to fathom the feelings of loss and shock of families and communities with loved ones lost, whole towns and properly destroyed. The survival stories are truly incredible.

It was only a week ago that I was reflecting on being on the farm with dad and experiencing a bush fire firsthand. It is incredibly devastating; just to witness how quickly things are burned to ash. But we were so blessed; no one was hurt and our houses were mostly safe. We had to just trust in the ability of nature to heal; and in the next weeks, months and years it did.

In the face of this tragedy so many individuals have pledged aid, financial and emotional support - often it takes something terrible to happen to see how much we care for the wellbeing of those around us; how willing we are to drop anything to help a neighbour. 

We must also keep praying for the firefighters, rescue workers, family, victims, doctors and all involved that they would find speedy relief and comfort. Nature, despite all, is never spent; bush regenerates, houses are rebuilt but human lives are irreplaceable.