To List and Be

The last few days I have been thinking about resolutions, aspirations and whatnot and have come up with a little list (like last year) - And though I am a truly obsessive list-writer I think its important to make note of some of things you'd like to do - even if its just to be happier than you were last year.

In 2009 I would like to:

*Be thankful
*Keep fit and healthy
*Read, doodle, love and pray every day
*Get my driver's licence
*Finish my quilt
*Make an effort to wake up to the see the sunrise more often
*And see dawn in a foreign country
*Save money and budget more diligently
*Buy no new clothes for six months
*Finish the illustrations to "Tessa's Colours" before I'm 20 (in April)
*Go to the seminar on early childhood studies in Bethlehem
*Re-engage with Arabic and find a passionate tutor
*So that I can write a poem in Arabic
*Finish my degree with a bang
*Travel to new continents and visit faraway kindreds
*Get piano lessons for my mum
*Make a kite and fly it
*Sing and dance more
*Be less judgemental,
more accepting -
but true to myself,
forever aspiring,
learning -

And if you don't mind sharing - what are some of your hopes for this year?