For Alice (a rose in her own right)

I have never been that fond of them -
(the flower that is)
because they were so predictable
scentless - in that identical half-closed state.
Till I met some wild roses
those tangly,
garden gypsies
I am in love.
I understand now why they are so dear, and so often the subject of poems and art - along with all their other numerous uses.

So it was with great joy that Alice and I accepted the job of picking the roses for NYE's dinner:

We put a big bunch on the table as decoration and used the rest to garnish homemade watermelon + rosewater summer drinks:

I am now wanting to make homemade rosewater and rose petal sorbet - A few weeks back when I was ailing I mentioned how a friend lent me some books one of which was "Rose Recipes from Olden Times" - what an absolute gem it is! Recipes for potpourris and pomanders, perfumes, sweet waters and edible treats.
Yes, I will be a very happy woman if I have a wild rosebush growing in my very own garden one day.