One of my resolutions for this year was to finish the illustrations of my children's book.

I started dreaming the book it in late 2007, had finished the written manuscript in April 2008, and have slowly, slowly been plodding away at the illustrations. It isn't that I haven't had the images in my head - in fact, most of the time I get the visual images before the words - its just translating them into pen in a way that is beautiful and yet unfamiliar and tactile. But I resolved in myself to finish them by April this year; before my 20th birthday. It isn't that I'm in a rush, its just there are two other stories I would like to begin - and I determined not to leave so many things unfinished. And this book is almost there: 6 of the 14 illustrations are done - with four more in draft stage. That means I will try to complete one per week before April. That is my challenge and I will embrace it with all my heart, strength and mind.
It is so curious how ideas come
on train,
walking through city
from lecture rooms,
Mostly when I am lying awake at night -
Or when I stir in the golden light of the morning,
I am a dreamer,
I relish in the possibilities,
of the transformation of every person, thing, place
into something more,
My eyes go wide and childlike
when I am confronted with bright colours,
with beautiful art, and heartfelt words -
Sometimes it all comes
in 10 minutes:
the image -
the lines, curls and twists -
Other times it takes days,
even weeks of other things
to find the right angle, to make the right shading,
to grow the expressions of the trees, sky and stars -
It is always a leap for me,
it is always risky -
this artistic journey.
In pen there are no mistakes -
no unnecessary moves
(even when unexpected)
all are incorporated back into the mosaic
Such is life.