My very first book
That went from thisto thisto this:When I started printing a couple of months ago I had initially wanted to make plates of my pen illustrations because I liked the idea of having control on editions and working with ink. My teacher was very supportive and let all us do our own projects. So I began dreaming up more complicated ideas - why not create a poetry and print book? You might remember me mentioning it here and here. At first I thought I'd make normal etching plates but then I discovered photopolymer plates which allowed me to use my original biro illustrations and transfer them (via photocopied transparencies + and a light box) to metal plates with a photosensitive film on top. It was a bit of a gamble as to how they'd turn out - but I absolutely adore the soft, scratchiness of the plates. And being true to my heart I settled on "Prussian Blue" ink, no less.
I have always loved concertina books for their shape and their flexibility (accordions are one of my favourite instruments after all). It has also been a long felt desire of mine to create some interactive art - in this case art that you could read as a book or stretch in and out in your hands, or display along the middle of a table or on a long shelf and be able to see images run along one side and poetry along the other. Construction was not as hard as I had thought it might be - it just involved a LOT of measuring up, folding, scoring, glueing and drying. I was also very very lucky to print onto handmade cotton paper which is absolutely beautiful to the touch.
Since the book was inspired by my travels and my experiences of love we settled on the titled "Across Your Landscape". It features seven hand-prints in total and four poems which take you on an intimate and whimsical journey from country to city to the sea:
I have decided at this point to make a very limited edition of four books. I may make a couple more in the new year if I find some interest! But I have put one book in my etsy shop for someone super special who likes to play accordion with poetry and blue ink prints.One of my books will be on display in the Pine Street End of Year Students' Exhibition from Friday December 5th t0 the 17th (Find more details here). The gallery space is very cosy but its always incredible to see how much they can fit in there! And it will be a mixed display of students' work from all the different courses; printing, jewellery making, stencil art, ceramics and more.Finding Pine Street Gallery has been such a blessing! I'd been wanting to start a printing for a long time but all the courses I found were horribly expensive or inconvenient. It felt particularly nice to be supporting a group that encourages art in the community and is environmentally aware and innovative. I don't think you'll find a printing space as "green" as theirs!

Thank you for letting me share!
I am really very excited.