Today I love:

+Finding a box of Granny's old crockery and this beautiful saucer

+Feeling even better and healthier than yesterday

+Coming home to post from Lizzy and Toni

+Doing yoga outside in the afternoon breeze

+Thinking of my parents and my sister in Tokyo
(on the first day of their holiday and how I'd like to be there too)

+The emerging triangles, squares and birds for my quilt

+Starting new lino block for wrapping paper and garlands

+Dreaming up gift ideas

+Sipping cool water with lemon juice

+This red chiffon dress, and this swimming costume!

+Listening to the kettle boil, faraway football games and children laughing in the park

+Remembering moments that make me smile

+And thinking of building a house in the trees

+Getting ready to see my boy play tonight in The Gentle River Band

And now, tell me - what do you love today?