Sunday Afternoons

(as they should be)+Tuna + olive oil + cucumber on rye toast
+White tea from Toby's Estate in the black cat cup
+A handful of dried cranberries
+Catching up on weekend news
+Watching the capricious sky
+Feeling sun on my toes

Planning the week ahead:
-shifts to be worked
-buses and trains to be caught
-presents to be sewn, printed, wrapped, sent
-goodies to be baked
-walks to be had

And looking forward to:
-having my hair cut
-trying new recipes (and reusing the old)
-stringing up Christmas cards
-roasting a whole chicken
-seeing dear friends
-cutting new lino blocks
-picking up the parents and sister from the airport
(and listening to all their amazing stories of Japan and Hong Kong!)
-my little hiatus in the country which edges closer and closer

Now tell me - What's in store for you this week?