Back to Normal

To a normal Monday when I don't work till noon -
When I have time for a morning walk
and the appetite for a big, wholesome breakfast
with lemon and ginger tea.When I can sit and admire the summer blooms
that had fallen on the footpath -
and eat juicy stone fruits.When I have time and energy to dream up ideas
and begin carving creatures from lino,
one by one -
carving wings.I can start the first chapter of a new novel,
and iron the pieces for two bag orders -
even start sewing the lining.
I will go down the road to buy toilet paper
(As my older sister observed a lack)
I will think about the week ahead,
and not be disheartened by the work hours -
but think of all the possibilities and the pockets of spare time
for walking
pots of tea
sitting still and being.

Yes. A normal Monday. Full of life. And only just the beginning of a happy and full week. Wishing you all calm amidst the December busyness.