A Rather Lovely Alphabet

Only one (or two depending where you are) days left before the alphabet swaps are due to be sent! How did the last month go by so quickly - without a word of warning?

This Alphabet quilt has lived in my house as long as I can remember **I am told my talented Auntie Pauline made it** I have distinct memories of it hanging on the wall when I was in bed as a littleun (though it has long since been stored away in the cupboard). I would memorise all the pictures for the letters; especially the "e" for "egg". I love its simple, clean stencil prints and bold colours - one day I hope to make my own alphabet quilt, inspired by this one, perhaps using lino or wood block for each letter or scraps of fabric and felt for the pictures.

Here's some of the wonderful alphabet goods I found on etsy:
Red felt Alphabet by MichiMa
Alphabet stickers for the walls from TastySuiteA beautiful handmade wooden alphabet abacus from merylandmiller
Even wee blue shoes from stopsandstarts

I thought it might give us all a little last minute inspiration. If you haven't already joined the flickr page I've set up for this swap please please do! We want to see all the marvellous little packages you give and receive! I am tremendously excited; but it has been difficult trying to decide which on my giant list of things I can actually post!