Oh my!
I'm finally able to post something. I'm sorry I've been so quiet this week. I thought of doing a series of posts on lying in bed and heating wheat packs but I decided it was probably best to give that a miss. I am mysteriously ailing. My symptoms of a bladder and kidney infection (which are still continuing) came out negative in tests and my antibiotics were stopped, and today I had an ultrasound on my upper abdomen to check for gallstones - but thankfully it was all clear except a slightly enlarged spleen. And although we have a few more test results pending its highly likely I've just got a rather nasty case of gastritis which took my body by surprise. So if its OK with you I'm just going to take it easy. Stay in pajamas all day and eat lots of watermelon.But the last few days has had some other excitement. A lovely friend came over this morning with books aplenty (thank you Susan!) and a beautiful posy of hydrangeas. We all marvel at her brilliant ability to pick good books! It is a great blessing to have such thoughtful and loving friends.And yesterday at around 11am the doorbell rang. Upon which I opened the door and found a magnificently wrapped package waiting on the doorstep.
It was none other than sweet sweet Kelly's alphabet swap package! We had the letter "B"It contained a blue bird wooden card, a bookmark with buzzing bees, a small branch washed clean in the ocean, braeburn apple butter (made by Kelly herself!), brown, blue and bubbled ribbon, two letterpress "B"s, a budda magnet, a wee blue bottle, delicate blue glass, and a blue beeswax candle.
Oh boy oh boy what a marvellous package! Thank you so much dear Dove! I cannot tell you how my spirits lifted when I received your package. Truly, I felt like I was in a bower bird's nest for all the blue! the brilliant blue! But we mustn't forget all the blue tissue - that makes for a rather nice scarf. I am already planning next year's alphabet swap; I think it may just become a yearly tradition.

And if you haven't visited Kelly's shop and blog you really must. She's incredibly talented and delightful.