I know its awfully early for Christmas related talk but this year I am selling Christmas cards again of my original artwork that have been professionally printed onto high-gloss card. The insides are blank and matt-finished so they are easy to write on - and could be used for a non-Christmas related occasion! I decided that this time I would actually ask for orders - since I ended up with heaps and heaps left over in some designs last year and not much in others!

There are seven designs in the series - three of which are square (5.5 in by 5.5 in) and four of which are rectangular (3.4 in by 6.7 in). I am selling them for $2.50 each with envelope or in a pack of:
x 10 for $20
x 20 for $30 (any subsequent cards after that are $1.50 each)

You can choose whatever mix you like in cards. Please email me at eburtt@gmail.com if you would like to make an order or if you have any inquiries (or just if you want to say hello). I will be selling them as custum orders through my etsy shop or with an alternative payment method if you'd prefer.

1. Festive Reindeer (above) 2. Seventies Angel 3. Sweet Heart 4.Snowflake 5. O Christmas Tree 6. Simple Star (below)
I also very excited to add on a new card design this year
(which will print out in the same blue as the cards above)7. Babe in a Manger

I believe in sending Christmas cards - even if you only send one sole card to a person you really love telling them so, and wishing them with all your heart a good year ahead. I know its easier to send Email cards, or not bother at all (for wasted time and money etc). But there is still something satisfying about checking the mail on December afternoons and remembering old friends... and the hilarity of ridiculously long-winded family "newsletters". I look forward to the cards from a select few who are always very inventive and thoughtful. Better still when they are little works of art you can keep forever. I think we've kept all the ones my Artist Uncle has sent us for that very reason... his original lino cuts and photo art - my favourite being the Ultrasound photo with tiny statistical information and the name "Mary" at the bottom of it.

What are some of the best Christmas cards you've sent/received?