Morning Musings

I ran out of time to post last night,
So here is yesterday's afternoon tea:
One of my favourite, simplest snacks of a crisp pear with some slices of cheddar (the stronger the better). I sat outside on the back patio, listening to the birds, slowly eating and was overcome with nostalgia for my childhood when mum would make funny little snacks for us; cheddar and slices of apple, "tiger" toast of vegemite stripped with thin strips of cheese or tomato, celery sticks and peanut butter, big green lettuce leaves with a spoon of cottage cheese folded up into little "parcels", toast with banana and peanut butter, a handful of almonds and a handful of dried apricots. Fresh is always best.

Today I am up early,
the house is still sleeping.
I am trying, "trying" to write an essay on love for comparative literature (due today) And I am being distracted by Rilke on "Love and other difficulties" - lines like "I tell you that I have a long way to go before I am - where one begins..."

Where does one begin on love?

This afternoon I'll be going out to beloved Mudgee again with Clancy for his Grandfather's 80th! Yesterday we said to each other it will be good to breathe fresh air again,
And I can't tell you much it will - its only be a month or so since we were last there but its been so crazy, hectic, exhausting round here it will be nice to get away from the city:
to the wide open sky
with good company,
a little crafting,
and yes -
that fresh air.