Feeling Crafty (and crampy)

Gah! I stayed home sick today - I've been feeling out of sorts for about a week but I went off to the doctor - who thinks I have a bladder infection that has spread to my kidneys... Which explains my lower back pain and cramping. I've started on some antibiotics which should clear everything up. I know that's a little bit forward to be sharing that with you but it explains my need to do some serious crafting that will get my mind off the discomfort. So thanks to Blair's tutorial I've been making these fabric flower brooches. They are ridiculously easy and fun to make.And I think they'll make great little Christmas gifts. So you could say this is the first of my homemade Christmas present endeavours!Oh bright fabric brooches -
You lift my spirits
and make me smile.
Now to keep my fluids up and rest a while.