By Kipfler!

Yes. That is a potato. Not just any potato - but a lovely kipfler kind. When I was down at the local grocer today buying vegetables for tonight's dinner one of the jovial shopkeepers (who are all Lebanese) was steaming potatoes and forced me to take one home to try. This is often the case when I go down there! It is one of life's great pleasures to share food with others and I think the Lebanese know all too well about hospitality and food!

(It was already steam-cooked) so I was to peel it - slice it up with fresh cucumber - and add a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt. I've never heard of this being a particularly Lebanese way of eating long kipfler potatoes but I can tell you it was absolutely delicious! The waxy potatoes and crisp cucumber with a hint of oil and salt... It was a perfectly delicious afternoon snack - and I think we shall call it "Bataata khiplar wa khiyaar".

I am a firm believer in having small, wholesome meals throughout the day - and aside from the wonders of breakfast; afternoon snacks are pretty damn fantastic and refreshing; especially when I've come home from work (having woke that morn before 6) - just to sit outside or sink into a cosy chair with with a pot of tea and unwind... That's why I've decided to have "seven days of afternoon tea" this week - much like my breakfast week - documenting each day in photographs. It'd be great if some of you wanted to take part too!