Feeling thankful

*The little things and the big things
*Waking up to an overcast sky
*Morning cuddles
*Rain drops in the garden
*Profusions of purple
*Fresh lemon, ginger, honey, mint + raspberry tea
*Weather to wear well-loved boots
*Lots more reading for this week's essays
*Having lunch with Granny in the kitchen and laughing
*Mail in the box, even the bills
*Still thinking about this utterly beautiful film
*Kitty's afternoon siesta face
*Listening quietly and thoughtfully to this album
*Smiles of strangers on my afternoon walk
*5pm sunshine
*for the people in my life; for all of you inspiring souls
*For being alive - in this world - where there is so much beauty; so many possibilities to change; to make it better; to live more freely, lovingly, resourcefully, happily.

This Tuesday,
what are you thankful for?