Days like these I just want to curl up on a big old armchair.
Listen to the rain falling on the leaves outside -
And my mother playing the piano in a faraway room.
I would dream beautifully
of fields of lupins
and falling jacaranda petals
(soft violet rain)
I would forget that I had a runny nose -
a sore throat and aching bones.
I would have all my essays done,
and I would finally, fly a kite.
Right from that armchair,
it would float out the window -
turn the rain to sunshine
and flutter in the breeze.
I would put on my big red skirt,
and dancing,
I would eat a juicy pear
and hum to myself -
Remembering those tunes
that meander in and out through the day.
I would curl up
with my sketchbook on my knees
and keep creating Tessa's world -
(a blue pen behind each ear)
Sipping jasmine tea -
and dreaming again
this time of cityscapes and tiny people living in flowerpots.
Then stirring softly,
I would smile.