A pause for thought

I know I've been a bit quiet around here. I promise it won't be for long. Its partly due to my all-encompassing uni assignments, partly because a workmate has quit and I've had to take on extra shifts, and partly because I had lots of wonderful things lined up to share but my laptop has decided to die momentarily (must replace charger). I have still been taking part as best I can in the 30 day challenge; and am inspired on a daily basis by the hilarious and beautiful portraits of the crazy-talented others! I am also trying to do a little creative play everyday too - if only to keep me sane. And yes; illustrations for the book are coming along slowly, but still coming along!And what a thrill it has been doing through the etching process for the poetry concertina; turning this:Into this:Oh! It makes me positively smile all over.

Now I'm not going to reveal anymore until I've finished -
And in the meantime I'm getting this tired body to bed!