Mischief and Mulberries

(For Mrs Bookling)
As I was going for my walk late yesterday afternoon I was posed with a very challenging proposition. Its throw-out time in my neighbourhood and I came across a pile of junk that included a few tins of old paint; one of which had been knocked over and leaked a perfect pool of white paint. I stopped for a moment. Then without hesitating I plunged the backs of my runners into the white (half expecting it be dry) and then with a car or two pulling away behind me, bolted down the road in a sprint. One of greatest runs of my life; you should try it some time.
I decided to return again this afternoon to see the damage. It wasn't as striking as I had imagined but there is something satisfying about seeing footprints fade away onto the bitumen... I can't explain it; I certainly didn't plan it. But I think the roads should be a little more decorative in a haphazard, accidental sort of way. And of course the evidence on my shoes is still very much there.
Also on my walk I went to visit the Mulberry trees; a number of which overhang a park and some footpaths (of course I still ask the house for permission to pick the berries) but I like the idea of having communal trees that bear fruit we can all share. Needless to say I have been watching them like a hawk these past few weeks. Today I tasted my first mulberry for the year and although fairly tart, it was a joyous experience. I am excited about the possibilities.. last year I went for making jam; but this year I think I want to use them fresh - in smoothies, a sour cream + mulberry tart or some deliciously purple ice-cream.

Do you have any favourite mulberry recipes you want to share?