Tree Climbing

You are never too oldYou are never ill-dressedMy love of trees and getting into them I attribute almost entirely to my dad. From a young age he instilled in us the qualities of a good tree-climber; and my childhood is littered with times that he stopped the car (full of four children) to inspect "potential" trees. I like that when we went on camps and various other outdoor adventures my dad would be the first and bravest person to go up trees. I like that he would build fold-out-ladders and harness-contraptions so that we could get up too; and see the world; as a tree does. It is very rare that we are able to get off the ground and be entirely in the whims of a living thing... I have always been drawn to trees; in all their majesty, beauty, history. I guess that's where my tree-hugging tendencies come from too. Still, it was no surprise then, that when Caitlin and I decided to climb trees after our picnic that I thought of my dad; and my heart warmed.