A Question

Is this a case of bed hair or a sign of gypsy ancestry? I am going to opt for the latter as it would explain many of my impromptu singing, spoons-playing, barefoot, tea-drinking, restless tendencies.

Have I mentioned that I adore etsy.com? I don't think I ever have. But I do. With all my heart. I cannot remember how I came across it a year ago; but it has brought a lot of joy. Not only as a place that I can sell my own hand-made goods but to see others. To encourage hand-made. In a world of mass-production, materialism, nonsense-buying-mentality etsy has been a breath of fresh air... It is inspiring and heart-warming to see how gifted people are. I am constantly in awe of people's inventiveness; in their creations; loving stories. That people can come from around the globe - partake in this medium - and prove that Globalisation is not all negative; it is not turning us all into the same senseless consumer; but it can give people a voice; allow them to share their dreams and creations with the rest of the world. There are artists, milliners, designers, children, authors, collectors, avid second-hand + antique enthusiasts, mothers, knitters, browsers to list a few. It is not a stuffy old building where only "well-known" people are shown; anyone can have a shop; anyone can sign up for free to browse. I admit that sometimes I get lost in all the colour and talent; sometimes I wonder if my little shop will ever take off. But really I don't mind because I am proud to be a tiny part of the etsy mosaic; to share in its history!

Here are a few things I have bought over this year. I have been meaning to post about them for some time! Partly because I get a lot of joy in receiving brown and white parcels and partly because I want you to have a look at what marvellous things people are up to.*The softest shoes in the world from Netamir in Tel Aviv, Israel. I cannot tell you how comfy they are (think wearing a bed on your feet)
*A strong cotton bag from Ninu in Torino, Italy.
*Porcelain treasures from Round Rabbit in Owego, NY
*Heart-warmingly colourful felt + paper artworks from Kupkup in Madrid, Spain.*A beautiful paper-cut print from Elista in California.
*Wee fabric buttons that make me smile every time I look at them from Creamrose in Hove, United Kingdom*And finally paper treats from Mollie + Annie (Royal Buffet) in Greenville, SC - I kid you not, it is a buffet for the eyes... this house is slowly being taken over by Mollie's birds thanks to my mother. But I am not complaining.There are other things I either gave away or have talked of before. But I must say I admire everything that my dear friend Jillian (of Noisy Plume fame) creates. She crafted me those bead-of-nasturtium earrings way back and they remain my ears' favourites.

There are zoodles and OODLES of things I love on etsy but haven't the funds or means just yet. I want to try and make as many gifts and things by hand, but for all else there is etsy; if only just to warm the heart.