While I was away I

Discovered how tiny and blue forget-me-nots are .
Coloured in and helped make butterflies and houses for the window sill.
We designed our "magic garden";
Danced, and danced until our feet and legs ached.
Took the old bikes for a ride;
And found the sea;
the still, silky sea -
Looked at our reflections,
Felt the wet sand and found mussel shells;
Made a mermaid on the shore.
Read lots of stories.
And watched s-i-x caterpillars fatten up on a spikey weed.
Stood and listened to birds.
And at one point I fled fast on my bike and cried.
I came home earlier than I thought I would;
I came home with thoughts and feelings that weighed heavy on my heart -
but I came home with smiles too.

And I remember being by that still water,
when, very faintly,
I thought I heard singing...